Dear Academy Community,
We wanted to provide a quick update to you all.
We are still figuring out the future of Academy Skatepark and as of now we have not found the right location or setup – we have always said that we wanted to take our time and do it right rather than quickly.
In the meantime, as you are aware, we have continued to go to public parks and other places to provide clinics, lessons, and travel camps and we have been so grateful for the support you all continue to give us.
Remember Academy is not a place, it is a movement, an ideal, a philosophy – it is about positivity, inclusiveness, community, clean living, respect and above all, fun.
These ideals are carried by our team to every camp, clinic, and lesson we provide and then taken by you, our community of skaters and parents, to every park, street or wherever you skate by being role models, creating good examples and drawing others into skateboarding. That is what Academy has always been about!
We will continue to update you but we wanted to take this moment to thank you all again and to clarify where things currently stand.